Vortex (in)Direct Heat

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Enhance your charcoal cooking experience. Take control of your fire by redirecting the flow of heat in your pit. Whether you're looking for the perfect searing zone, or a true indirect heat flow across your kettle or ceramic grill. Works with Lump Charcoal or Briquettes.


Low & Slow Cooking/Smoking
The Vortex can redirect the flow of heat up and around the meat which can turn your kettle into a true indirect ‘smoker’. Put the Vortex narrow side down in the middle of your grill and load the charcoal on the outside between the walls of your grill and the Vortex in the center, creating a "void" in the middle. The Vortex shape acts as the deflector for direct heat, cooking your food low and slow on top of the void for a perfect smoking experience!

High Heat Indirect Cooking
The Vortex can create a high heat that is directed upwards which radiates down around the kettle lid creating an EVEN high heat. Load up the Vortex Narrow Side Up with charcoal. Put your food around the perimeter of the grill grate. If you want smoke, put a single wood chunk right on top of the grill grate in the center! This method is perfect for cooking chicken wings around the perimeter of the grill, getting fried-like skin without getting the burn marks that happen while grilling wings directly. The heat increases enough to crisp the skin without any direct flame. No need for rotating or extra flipping.

High Heat Searing
This is your searing option. Picture the back of a jet engine where the fire is shooting out of the exhaust cones. This is what you will get that intense sear from.

Load up the Vortex Narrow Side Up. Let coals set. Very rarely will you need to fill the whole vortex up to the top. Put steak or chop directly over the fire for about a minute per side. It will have a very nice sear across the whole steak, not just where the grate marks are happening. The Maillard Reaction is able to occur across surface area of the whole steak/chop rather than just where the grate is touching the meat. Once seared on both sides, move off to perimeter where steak/ chop can INDIRECTLY come up to preferred temp. Also, try searing at the end of the cook for a reverse sear.