Thermoworks Smoke X2 Wireless Thermometer

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For guaranteed remote temperature tracking from anywhere in your yard or house, look to Smoke X with its dedicated, backlit receiver. Smoke X features next generation RF technology and all the accuracy and durability you expect from ThermoWorks.

  • Splash-proof sealed design for outdoor use, rated to IP66
  • Stays in place with sturdy base and strong magnets on back
  • Backlit dashboard-style display to track temps, alarms, Min/Max
  • Designed in Utah by ThermoWorks

Extended Range: Up to 6,562 feet away
The longest range and transmission strength available for an alarm thermometer. Guaranteed to keep you connected to your cook from anywhere in your home or yard.

4-Channels: Compatible with any Pro-SeriesⓇ probe
Track three different cooks at once plust your pit temp. Our commercial-grade Pro-Series Probes come with overbraid and reinforced transitions.

Dashboard-Style Display: Shows Min/Max & High/Low
View all four channels and temperature data at once. No fumbling with buttons or switching between channels.

Compatible with Billows
Smoke X includes control circuitry for Billows BBQ Temperature Control Fan (sold separately). Use Billows to control the air flow in your smoker.

Two or Four Channels
Smoke X4 comes with three Pro-Series High Temp Cooking Probes. Smoke X2 comes with one Pro-Series High Temp Cooking Probe. Both models include one Pro-Series High Temp Air Probe for monitoring your pit temperature.

Pro-Series Probes
Smoke X works with all of our Pro-Series probes. ThermoWorks' Pro-Series Probes are the best in the business for accuracy, durability, and heat resistance. Get the confidence that comes with ThermoWorks probes and meters.

Easily Identify Each Probe
Smoke X comes with 8 High Temp Silicone Color Bands that roll onto each end of each probe, so you can see at a glance which input matches with which probe.

Water Resistant
Molded-in seals for splash-proof protection rated to IP66, safe for outdoor use. NO additional waterproof bags or cases needed.