Cowboy Garlic & Onion Briquets

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Cowboy® All Natural Garlic & Onion Hardwood Briquets are made with all natural hardwood charcoal blended with real onion and garlic.  Not only do the briquets add great flavor to your grilled foods, but they emit an amazing aroma that starts when you light the coals and continues all the way through cooking.  Cowboy® Garlic & Onion Hardwood Briquets pair well with beef, lamb, pork and vegetables.

  • Real Onion & Garlic is blended in the briquet (not just applied to the outside)
  • All-natural with no chemicals or additives
  • 85-90% hardwood charcoal and sawdust
  • 5-7% real dried onion & garlic
  • 5-7% natural vegetable binder (starch)
  • Amazing aroma that starts from the light of the coals and continues all the way through cooking.